Saturday, November 04, 2006

what does irriducibili means ??

i love an italian club called S.S Lazio , and they have a Group of Fans call them selfs IRRIDUCIBILI . i liked the name and i made some searches to see what dose it means.

the name is the untouchables in English , but i still like it in italian


Anonymous Toxy said...

Lol...sorry I had to laugh...The Lazio Supporters have a notorious group of fans called 'The Ultras' who are hardcore right wing thugs. They often display behavior which is considered Racist and Anti-Semitic in nature.

The connotations associated with the Irriducibili (whilst perhaps not direct) are pretty bad!

4:06 AM  
Blogger Laziale said...

Hey Toxy,

i know about that, i like the name and thats it. Don't worry , am not gona joing a new nazis group lol

6:32 AM  
Blogger AmoOora said...


that sounds interesting..

3:15 PM  
Blogger maurizio borro said...

In this 3 comments have many errors;
1) because in english you can't translate irriducibili,the most close to this one mean " never give up ".
2)the notorious group of lazio team it's call irriducibili.
3)The "ultras" are something I can't explain if you don't live inside of that group,because the ultras of the calcio teams of Italy it is different from everybody else in the world, it is a stile! but it is a passion that pervades all levels of society.
4)The ultras or the irriducibili of lazio team are fascisti and not racist,that make a lot difference.
After if they have the black sheep inside the family but this upon every where in the world;).
5)I'm Italian-I'm for the lazio team-I'm fascist-and for close this discussion my wife and my daughter are jews

5:07 PM  

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