Saturday, March 17, 2007

OK, have you seen that !??

the chessy lyrics gos like:

OK OK ok, my darling OK
Everything OK everything OK !

listing to the rest and enjoy !!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

If this doesn't make you laugh,,, you're in trouble !

What am downloading Now ?

1- Heroes ( Tv series )
2- Death Note ( japanese manga )
3- The Black Donnellys

and some MP3's , comedy stuff , documentary's .

what am watching now ?

1- Prison Break (Season 2)
2- Family guy ( Season 4 )
3- Death note ( Japanese manga )

The Great gig in the sky

As you know , am a huge fan of P i n k F l o y d and there is NO way am going to miss any concert they make. Roger waters the co-founder of Pink Floyd did a concert in Dubai in mid february. there were about 15.000 people . the sound was Fantastic, actually it sounded like your hearing a DVD with DTS audio !

he played great tones , and did the whole classic Dark side of the moon album ! now i know why do they call him genius .