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look what i've Found in my E-mail . i sympathies towards people who put لا اله الا الله or ياقائم محمد ويا علي or ماشاء الله etc ,on there cars, thinking that God with protect them from harm if they put religious stickers !!

How do they think ? i mean, the core of islam is spiritual and its far from symbols . If you search Quran and Suna, there is NO one single story about God that protect/forgive someone who has quran on his pocket or under his pillow !!

Now back to this mail, its so sad to know that one of my friends who has wife and one kid and pray most of the time send me this Superstition sad


Blogger AmoOora said...

Its not cuz it will protect them. but its cuz when its on ur car, who ever is behind you is gonna read it and so they get a 7asana and they also get a 7asana and so imagine how many 7asanaat they get a day cuz of all the people who read it.. when you spread gods name you get a 7asana for it..

and so thats why most of them put it.
Its not sad, bil 3aks gods name always protects people. You just hav to belive that god will protect/cure you..

I know alot of people personally who were cured from diseases that would hav killed them. a lady i knew had cancer that has spread all over her body. after a while she was completly cured mashalla..

Nice blog ;)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello again my dear NA7NO WA ALATFAAL friend.

let me just put my comment: 3bodi is right about people who think that god will protect them from harm if they slept with quran or put it in the car with them or if they put some holy stickers and i'm also with AMOORA when she/he said that it garners 7asanat. thats why u find لا الله الا الله and many of the holy sayings across the road, its not because it cures u but its because whoever put the sign shall collect 7asanat from all the people who read it and they too r gaining 7asanat. its like when u remind someone to pray or to thank god or whatever but its in written words rather than spoken words.

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Anonymous Rayooma said...

but come one ,, they always write on the paper (spreak this aong 15 peopLe and ull hear a good news and if u didnt send it then ull hear a baaaad news )!!!!!!! whats that !!! Ai Shai !!!!!!!!

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